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Our Mission

To Put Business Ahead of Technology
We focus on business objectives prior to focusing on technology. Our goal is to help your company achieve its business goals. We understand and know how to run a business. Many consultants focus on delivering elaborate systems that do not necessarily fit with business goals. As a result most companies routinely purchase computer systems that are poorly suited, underused and way too expensive. Decreasing your computer budget and spending only what is necessary to run your business effectively is our mission.

Experience Matters
Our team has been in this business for a long time. We have all held senior level positions and know the intricacies of your computer and business systems. The result is a higher quality product that costs less. Most computer problems are solved easily and quickly by someone who has dealt with the same problem. The computer field is one where experience really pays off. We don't hire recent college graduates or inexperienced staff. We only have talented, educated and proven consultants.

We Prefer Open Source Software
Many Open Source Software solutions are available to your company for free or nominal costs. We embrace this amazing approach because we are not making profits on selling you software. Instead we pass the savings onto you. For decades now the Open Source Software movement has been growing and improving.  Many talented, organized and generous programmers and developers have chosen to place their work into the public domain. Take full advantage of this opportunity that is kept hidden by most computer solution providers.

We Help You Manage Your Computers Independently
All of the consultants that have worked for us in the past were reluctant to share the technical secrets that they employed. We turn that model upside down. We empower you to do the job of maintaining your network. When we finish you should know how to manage your own systems. We build networks around your staff. We will empower your staff to the extent that they feel comfortable and we will be available to help with the rest. Our goal is to only have to make visits a few times a year or in the event of a system upgrade or enhancement. We do this by offering targeted training sessions. We walk your team members through their respective daily tasks, training them as they go. We will be available to step in should a problem arise. The result is that you spend only a little time in training and are able to get your job done easily and quickly.  Many of us have lived to dread long, boring training sessions that are forgotten in a weeks time due to lack of use. Computers are becoming more and more stable and problem-free. As the business grows, an existing staff member can adequately perform most computer functions and only call us when needed.

Remote Management Is Our Expertise
We are experts in the area of Remote Management. With the Internet and widely available encryption technology remote access is a real cost saver. Our staff can connect to any computer or server over the Internet or with a normal phone line. This means that you can have your problem resolved quickly and can keep the billings low. We currently have systems that we manage very effectively in other states and other countries.

We Prevent disasters before they happen
Computer problems or data loss are generally preventable. We will meet with you and review your systems to make recommendations on what types of preventable maintenance are prudent. Some larger companies have us write extensive Disaster Recovery Plans with many contingencies. Other companies simply want to have direction in the basics of data backup, anti-virus, spyware and network security.

We Are Vendor Independent
We are very used to working with products from large software companies like Microsoft, Dell ,Novell, Cisco and Oracle. But we do not resell any of these companies' products. That enables us to refer you to the best technology solution at the lowest price. We can recommend resellers whom we feel have the best products at the lowest price but we do not mark these up or receive commisions. This prevents you from buying the wrong sytem for your company and paying too much for it.